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Emergencies & Prescriptions

Shaws Cove Orthopaedics provides 24 hour coverage for the orthopaedic emergencies of our patients. If you have an emergency, there is always a provider who can be reached by dialing our main number (860) 444-9022. If you call after office hours, you will be directed to our answering service and they will have the on-call person call you back. This may not be your usual provider/physician so please be prepared to answer some health history questions from that provider/physician if necessary.

For patients with questions regarding medications or prescriptions, we encourage you to call the main office number during regular office hours. For prescription refills, please call no later than 4:00 pm Thursday so as to have them called in for the weekend. If you need a prescription called in after regular office hours, please have the pharmacy number and your date of birth available for the on call provider.

Cast Care Instructions

If you had a cast applied in the emergency room or clinic it was likely a fiberglass cast. This material is lighter and stronger than plaster and hardens very quickly. If you were placed in a temporary cast (splint) in the emergency room, please do not remove this until you are evaluated in the office.
    Problems with your cast or splint:
    Report extreme pain which is not relieved with use of pain medication as prescribed.
    Report any sensations of rubbing you may experience under your cast.
    Report excessive tightness of the cast which is not relieved by elevating the extremity for 30 minutes.
    Report sensations of numbness, tingling, coldness or discoloration of the extremity as this may indicate circulatory problems.
    Report breakage of your cast. Please do not ever try to remove your cast on your own.
Helpful Hints:
    Be kind to your cast, keep it clean and dry. Report significant wetness of the cast as it may have to be changed. For showering, wrap a hand towel around the top and cover the cast completely with a plastic bag. Commercial cast protectors are available at your local medical supply store.
    Do not ever put anything in or down your cast. If you scratch your skin you may cause an infection.
    Elevate the affected extremity above the level of your heart for the first few days after the cast is applied.
    This will reduce swelling and pain.
    Feel free to exercise your fingers and toes while in the cast. This will improve circulation and reduce stiffness of joints.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at (860) 444-9022.

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