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Coined by French physician Nicolas Andre in 1741, The term “Orthopaedics” originates from the Latin for “straight child.” The emblem of orthopaedics has historically been that of a crooked tree being straightened by making it grow next to a straight splint, implying that, with proper care and guidance, crooked bones could be made straight.

Shaws Cove Orthopaedics regionalizes this concept by portraying the state tree, the charter oak, bound to a noted New London structure, a lighthouse. To place emphasis on the sport’s medicine aspect of orthopaedics, a marathon runner was incorporated into the charter oak.

Shaws Cove Building

Mission Statement

Our goal at Shaws Cove Orthopaedics is to deliver quality orthopaedic care while treating each of our patients as individuals with unique needs. Together with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, we are committed to improving the health care in our region.


From south
I95 take exit 83 (Norwich/CT32/Downtown New London)
Stay straight onto Huntington St.
Stay on Huntington St. until the end (fire dept. on right)
Take right onto Bank St.
Go straight through next major intersection
Entrance to Shaws Cove will be on the 500 ft on the left.

From north
I95 exit 84 south (Downtown New London)
This will turn into Eugene O'Neill Dr.
Stay on this to the end
Left on Tilley St.
Right onto Bank St.
Go through next major intersection,
Entrance to Shaws Cove 500 ft. on the left.
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